EOO750 Elim-O Odour Eliminator

It’s easy to use, safe and biodegradable

Some odour can be overwhelming. That’s
why there is new ELIM-O! It doesn’t just
cover up odours… It eliminates them!
And that makes it perfect for hospitals,
nursing homes, home care, institutions,
clinics, offices, motels, hotels, residences
and more!
The way it works is simple. ELIM-O bonds
with odour molecules and neutralises
them, eliminating foul smells and leaving
a pleasant, refreshing aroma.
ELIM-O gets rid of stubborn smells…
is effective on your toughest problems
  •  Urine
  •  Incontinence
  •  Mildew
  •  Soiled laundry
  •  Vomit
  •  Smoke
  •  Organic Matter