CH8944 GienieClinical Canister A Low Cost Decontamination Solution

Do you ever wonder how infectious your facilities could be?

Now you don't have to, Gienie Clinical has taken the hard work out of decontamination!

  • The Gienie clinical decontamination canister has been specifically developed to provide
  • a cost effective hospital quality decontamination solution in a form that is safe and easy to use
  • A press and leave solution is targeted for use specifically in the healthcare environment where decontamination is required ie. Hospitals, aged care, nursing homes, ambulances, doctors surgeries, dentists, toilets and shower rooms
  • Using Gienie could not be simpler
  • Place in the to be treated, press and release valve and then leave
  • Our unique formula is a powerful non toxic and non corrosive formulation, is then release to penetrate and decontaminate a large area