CODE: CH2022

Zero Gravity Chair - Exclusive


Zero gravity position

It is very important for the patient to find an optimal position when spending hours in a reclining position. In the ZeroG position, body weight is evenly distributed, which provides relief from pressure on the body and joints. Your patients will comfortably rest in an ideal position during lengthy therapies. When resting in the ZeroG position, time flies.

Extremely comfortable mattress

During lengthy therapies, the comfort of the patient is crucial and mattress is the key feature. Your patients will experience perfect comfort lying in the Therapy chair ZeroG as the padding is made of soft new-technology foam. It offers full body support and prevents overheating and sweating. Therapy chair ZeroG with premium mattress is the most comfortable chair, where time files.

Saving space

As space is often a problem in clinics, the Therapy chair ZeroG is designed with a small footprint. Although it looks like a big comfortable bed, it takes up very little space. It still leaves enough space for a bedside table or an IV pole.


Armrests are perfectly soft, but sturdy. They will support your patient when sitting or getting up from the therapy chair. Simply by pressing the lever, your patients can adjust the armrests to make themselves more comfortable. You as well, will be able to quickly set the patients into the right position to prepare their therapy.


The footrest is another key feature adding to your patients’ comfort during lengthy therapies. Without your assistance, your patients can adjust it simply by pressing a built-in button. The footrest also supports them in case of cramps. Patients are more relaxed and can rest peacefully, while the personnel can attend to their work.

Easy positioning

Therapy chair ZeroG allows easy positioning. By using the hand switch, the staff or the patient can adjust the chair's position according to their needs. The software enables synchronic movement of chair sections which is more pleasant for the person on the chair. Optionally, a battery backup is available to make the adjustments possible also in case of a power outage.