CODE: CH7457

Linet, Multicare-X ICU Bed, (SWL: 250kg)


LINET's premium ICU bed Multicare X with unique frame-based lateral tilt. Accompanied by Opticare X, innovative constant low pressure supporting surface.




Lower limb load reduction in patient mobilization thanks to Mobi-Lift (1)

Satisfaction with the new Opticare X Prone Mode (2)

Decrease in force needed to turn the patient with lateral tilt (1)

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Improve Pulmonary Outcomes

Individualised support of pulmonary outcomes based on specific clinical conditions of the patient thanks to frame-based lateral tilt guided by Electrical Impedance Tomography.

Early Mobisation

Our unique early mobility program with unique features, such as microshifting and Mobi-Lift handle, helps patients recover earlier and save signifcant cost to the hospital.

Pressure Injury Prevention

The new generation of the Opticare X mattress brings advanced premium pressure care with Optimal Immersion, microclimate management and with a mode that supports prone nursing (following prone nursing protocols, including the use of pillow/supports).

Falls Prevention

Multizone bed Exit Alarm, i-Brake or Opticare X are just a few of the safety features reducing the likelihood of patients falling.

Improve Patient Experience

Ensuring patients' physical and mental satisfaction for faster recovery thanks to features such as Opticare X Mobile Mode, Ergoframe, Electrical Bed Extension or ergonomic patients' controls.

Improved Caregiver & Hospital Workflow

  • Safe Patient Moving & Handling
  • Easy Patient Transportation
  • Simplify Caregiver Procedures
  • Hospital Operations Efficiency