CODE: CR1061

Kings Cutlery - Double Handle & Strap

  • An attractive and comprehensive range of cutlery
  • Consists of 32 modules
  • To make up over 400 individual pieces of cutlery for almost every need
  • All items are hygienic, noncorroding
  • Household dishwasher safe, top shelf
  • Standard cutlery utensils are moulded in plastic spigots that push tightly together into any of the chosen handles at the desired angle
  • Double Handle and Strap 110 x 25.5mm, 30gm (as for CR1057 but double-ended and strap)

To Assemble Cutlery:

  • Simply push the utensil into the handle at the desired angle

If handle needs to be built up:

  • Varigrip sleeves can be added. These must be fitted over the CR1064 standard slim handle
Type:Double Handle & Strap
Size (mm):110 x 25.5
Weight (gm):30