CODE: CR112004

Dycem, Non Slip Mat, 380mm x 450mm, Red

Dycem non-slip mats provide unbeatable grip for any item and have been proven to grip up to a 45-degree angle. Keep your things secure by using them on a range of surfaces.

These easy to use non-slip mats are anti-microbial, making them very hygienic, are non-toxic and do not contain any latex. Our anti-slip mats have so many uses that you will struggle to find a place that you can’t use them!

Here are just a few ideas of where you can start using your Dycem non-slip mat:

  • Try using your Dycem non-slip mats in the kitchen to prevent crockery and appliances from sliding, or use as a non-slip tray mat or tray liner when serving food and drink.
  • Placemats are available in a multitude of sizes and colours, making them discrete on a table, or providing a contrast. Lightweight and portable, you can also use them outside during activities.
  • Dycem provides an excellent non-slip surface for even the smallest of items.
  • Use them to keep things secure on your desk.
  • Keep ornaments secure around the house, ensuring your house is kept stylish with ease.
  • Use Dycem non-slip matting as an anti-slip pad for your car dashboard to stop gadgets from slipping off.
  • Place our anti-slip matting under your chopping board to stop it moving around while you prepare food.
  • Stand on a non-slip mat while exercising to improve stability.
  • Use on your caravan and boats to stop items from slipping off of surfaces when moving.
  • If you are a musician, use Dycem to keep your instrument in place. Our mats are especially good for drummers to stop pedals moving!
Size (mm):380 W x 450 L