Leckey Shower Stand

  • The Leckey Bath Chair is intended for use in the shower or bath
  • Usage in the shower should be accompanied with the Leckey Shower Trolley.
  • The Shower trolley allows you to use the Leckey Bath Chair as a roll-in shower.
  • The bath chair is secured with velcro straps and is easily removable when not in use.
  • 4 locking casters keep the unit secure.
  • The Shower Base is 356mm high
  • When the Leckey Bath Chair is added to it, the Seat Height can be adjusted from 508mm to 710mm from the floor.
  • The Shower Base is 533mm wide.
  • The length of the Shower Base can be adjusted from 863mm to 1220mm.
  • The Leckey Bath Chair Shower Trolley elevates all 4 sizes of the bath seat by 356mm 
  • The base expands in length to accommodate any position the bath chair is placed in.
  • The base is 533mm wide and adjusts in width from 863mm to 1220mm long
  • The Leckey Bath Chair is recommended for children with disabilities from age 1-18.
Seat height from floor (mm):508-710
Shower base width (mm):533
Shower base depth (mm):863-1220
Shower base height (mm):356
Recommended age (yrs old):1-18