CODE: CR3600-22x20

Equagel General Cushion 560x510mm

  • 100% EquaGel™ - 2” tall EquaGel™ in two stages.
  • The top layer is thin wall gel and a tight grid for a comfort layer.
  • The bottom layer is thicker wall gel and a wide grid for deep posture support.
  • The pelvic area of the cushion is contoured to more evenly distribute a user’s weight than flat cushions, while retaining 1 ¼” of buckling gel under the pressure points.
  • Fluid resistant, vapour permeable, flame resistant cover
  • Size (mm): 560 x 510
  • Available in various sizes
Size (mm):560 W x 510 L x 50.8 H (22 x 20 x 2")
SWL (kg):220