CODE: CR6004

AMD Slip Medium Extra All In One Diaper


The AMD slip adult pad is ideal for people of reduced mobility and suffering from heavy-to-severe incontinence.

This hermetic protector contains an ultra-absorbent, triple pad for very rapid urine channelling that affords an immediate dry feeling. An ultra-wide absorbent cushion. It protects the skin against the harsh effects of urine. An ultra-wide absorbent cushion, built-in anti-leakage, water-repellent, faecal barriers guarantee perfect security. The “odour-free” system neutralises smells.

It has “breathable” side bars and its soft, non-woven, intraversable outer layer with a soft fabric feel ensures comfort and well-being while protecting the skin.

Front and back elastic belt, four adjustable Velcro straps, ergonomic conformation: easy to put on and adjust to the sufferer’s anatomy.

  • Built-in protection, rapid absorption and total security
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Easy monitoring: size and absorption
  • Dampness indicator: immediate indication of the pad’s saturation