CODE: SC0772

Charging Station/Battery Interface

Charger for the Dewert removable, rechargeable battery.

Used as either an extra or replacement, this charger is for the standard Dewert brand electronic system and used on a wide variety of stretchers and chairs. The charger connects to a standard 240V power point outlet and can be both wall or bench mounted separately to the product, set up in strategically located charging stations to ensure there is always fully charged batteries ready to go. Simply squeeze the release lever at the end of the battery and pull back to release and remove. To install, place the battery on the metal guide and slide it forward until it clicks and locks firmly into position.

  • Mounted to the product, or separately on a wall or bench
  • 350mm long x 120mm wide x 90mm high
  • 0.5kg total weight
  • Important data on the serial decal; part number, serial number and production date
Dimensions (mm):350 L x 120 W x 90 H
Total weight (kg):0.5