TOM 2: The Gold Standard in Paediatric Hospital Beds

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August 23, 2023 at 11:08:00 AM PDT August 23, 2023 at 11:08:00 AM PDTrd, August 23, 2023 at 11:08:00 AM PDT

In the world of paediatric care, the environment plays a pivotal role in a child's recovery and overall hospital experience. Recognizing this, Linet presents the TOM 2 children's hospital bed, a product that seamlessly merges functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

A Bed That Tells Happier Stories

Every child deserves a comfortable and safe space, especially in a hospital setting. TOM 2 is not just a bed; it's a sanctuary designed for children. With its cheerful modern design, it promises to bring a touch of home to the hospital ward.

Safety Above All

  • Adherence to Standards: TOM 2 proudly fulfills the newest safety standard for paediatric beds, EN 50637:2017. This commitment ensures that our young patients are safe in every situation.
  • ZERO GAP Autoregression: This feature ensures a constant safety gap between the bed's backrest and head end, upholding ergonomic positioning principles.
  • Unique Telescopic Siderails: These adjustable siderails provide varying levels of protection. At their highest, they offer maximum protection against falls. At their lowest, they align with the mattress level, ensuring excellent access to the child patient and facilitating easier and more ergonomic work for the staff.

Designed for Comfort and Accessibility

  • Fully Electric Operation: TOM 2 is a fully electrically operated bed, ensuring ease of use. Features like bed height, backrest tilt, and TR/ATR position can be adjusted effortlessly using the control panel. The GO button adds an extra layer of safety by locking the bed to prevent accidental movements.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The design of TOM 2 is characterized by clean lines, modern materials, and fresh colors. This not only makes a pleasant impression on child patients and their parents but also ensures that children can constantly interact with their surroundings. The transparent bed ends mean parents and staff are always within the child's view, providing comfort and reducing anxiety. The colorful motifs on the bed reflect the playful world of children, further enhancing their comfort.
  • Exceptional Height Adjustment: The bed's unique height adjustment range (from 58 cm to 83 cm) ensures ergonomic nursing procedures. The lowest position (58 cm) is convenient for interactions between visitors and the child, while the maximum height (up to 83 cm) is ideal for examinations.

Technical Specifications:

  • External dimensions: 151 x 83 cm
  • Recommended mattress dimensions: 137 × 70/10 cm
  • Mattress platform height: 58 – 83 cm
  • Max. siderails height: 80 cm
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Safe working load: 80 kg
  • Central castor control: YES

In conclusion, the TOM 2 children's hospital bed is a testament to Linet's commitment to excellence in paediatric care. By prioritizing safety, comfort, and design, TOM 2 promises to transform the paediatric ward experience for children, parents, and caregivers alike.