Essenza Series: Superior Safety & Advanced Technologies for Acute Care
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Experience the Future of Acute Care with Essenza 300: Reducing Physical Strains on Caregivers by 67%
Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Discover the Essenza 300 with advanced features designed to protect nurses, reduce patient falls, and streamline operations
Discover the Essenza 300: The Ultimate Solution for Safety, Ergonomics, and Efficiency in Healthcare
Revolutionize Patient Care with Essenza300's EasyDrive® Technology
Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Discover the Essenza 300 the ultimate solution for nurse and patient centric care
Experience the Future of Acute Care with the Essenza 300: Reducing Physical Strains and Enhancing Patient Safety
Experience Unparalleled Safety and Efficiency with Essenza 300: The Ultimate Solution for Nurse and Patient Care
Here are some features list choose:
  • Safety &Ergonomics: The Essenza series is designed with a focus on nurse- and patient-centricity. It offers ergonomic and safety solutions that protect the back of nurses, reduce nurses’ sick leave related to MSD’s, and minimize outcomes of patient falls and Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries.
  • Lateral Tilt: This feature is becoming the new gold standard in acute care, reducing physical strains on the caregiver by 67%.
  • Low Height Design: Helps in reducing the severity of patients‘ falls.
  • EasyDrive®: Decreases the necessary initial pushing force by up to 50% compared to non-powered beds.
  • Safe Mobilization Concept: Supports the patient with specially designed features, aiding in a faster recovery process.
  • Advanced Technologies: Technologies like Safe Sense 3, Integrated Air2Care mattress, and SafeSense SmartTrack powered by INTRAX® save time by decreasing the number of unnecessary operations and simplifying caregivers’ procedures.
  • Efficiency & Versatility: The Essenza series offers incredible versatility to meet the needs of each individual department. It also provides single platform efficiency with one intuitive user interface, meaning only one training is needed for nurses, facilitating easier rotation across hospital wards.
Essenza 300: Empowering Nurses, Enhancing Care
5.7 Million Nurse Shortage by 2030:
The global healthcare sector is facing a significant challenge with a projected shortage of 5.7 million nurses by the year 2030. This statistic underscores the urgent need for innovative solutions that can help streamline tasks and support our dedicated healthcare professionals.
52 Years - Median Age of Nurses:
With the median age of nurses being 52 years, it's evident that the nursing profession is graced with a wealth of experience. However, it also highlights the importance of ergonomic solutions to cater to the physical demands of the job.
15.6% of Nurses Report Burn-out:
Burn-out is a pressing concern in the healthcare sector. A staggering 15.6% of nurses have reported feeling burn-out, emphasizing the need for tools and technologies that can alleviate work-related stress and pressures.
76% of Nurses Lack Time for Patient Comfort:
In the fast-paced world of healthcare, 76% of nurses feel they don't have ample time to comfort their patients. This statistic underscores the importance of efficient and time-saving solutions that allow nurses to focus more on patient care.
47% of Caregivers Experience Back Pain:
Physical health challenges, like back pain, are prevalent among caregivers, with 47% reporting such issues. This highlights the necessity for ergonomic designs and solutions that prioritize the well-being of our healthcare heroes.
67% Reduction in Caregiver Strain with Lateral Tilt:
The introduction of the lateral tilt feature in the Essenza Series has set a new benchmark in acute care. By reducing physical strains on caregivers by a significant 67%, this feature not only enhances the comfort and efficiency of healthcare professionals but also ensures a safer and more comfortable experience for patients.
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