CODE: CH8951

CleanPatch, Vinyl Repair Kit, 10 Pack (44 x 100mm x 7m, 145 x 200mm x 3)

The vinyl patch has been designed to repair surfaces commonly found on clinical equipment such as chairs and exam tables. This variety pack has been developed for smaller facilities with lower usage or for larger units to test long term requirements. The combination of the smaller strips and the larger rectangle shapes ensures any type of damage is covered correctly and efficiently.

  • 10 Pack consisting of:
    • 7 - 44 x 100mm strips, easy to peel and stick
    • 3 - 145 x 200mm large patches, easy to peel and stick
  • Constructed of thin, yet very tough medical grade vinyl
  • Conforms to a patient care surfaces such as chairs and exam tables
  • Glue seals right to the edges preventing fluid ingress and lift
  • Cost effectively extend the life of capital equipment
  • Fully cleanable with hospital grade disinfectants
  • 7 - 44 x 100mm strips
  • 3 - 145 x 200mm large patches