CODE: CR1881-120

CuroCell S.A.M Pro CF10 Mattress 1200 x 2000mm

CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO - Good comfort and durability combined

The CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO overlay mattress can be used as an aid in the prevention and in the treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 3.

The CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO offers good comfort and durability. For additional comfort, the model CuroCell S.A.M® PRO CF10 is also available. This model includes a soft inner cover that increases the comfort.

The pump is easy to use. The comfort control makes it easy to choose the individual comfort level which allows the CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO to be used for a long time and in different care environments. The pump maintains the selected pressure and comfort level, which means that the pump only works actively when required. This contributes to reducing noise and vibration and also contributes to a long service life and low energy consumption for the pump.

CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO is delivered together with a hygienic cover that is elastic in all directions. It also fulfills the cares request of hygiene, quality and safety. The cover is also vapour permeable which contributes to reduce the risk of skin maceration.

  • CPR function – rapid deflation
  • Constant low pressure mattress
  • Prevention and treatment up to and including category 3
  • Recommended user weight, up to 250kg
  • Mattress sizes: 850x2000mm - CR1881-85, 900x2000mm - CR1881-90, 1000x2000mm - CR1881-100, 1050x2000mm - CR1881-105, 1200x2000mm - CR1881-120
Type:Constant low pressure mattress
Dimensions (mm):1200x2000
Height (mm):100
Function:Prevention and treatment up to and including category 3
Recommended user weight (kg):up to 250
Input voltage:230 V/50 Hz
Sound level, pump:22 dBA, 39 dBA
Warranty:2 years
Cleaning of cover:Wipe with cleaning agent and/or disinfectants. Machine wash max 95 °C, tumble drying.