CODE: CH8960

Sanitisable Keyboard with Number pad with Backlight - White

  • Sanitisable Healthcare Keyboard with tactile key feeling
  • Wrapped with sanitisable silicon skin
  • IP68: waterproof and can be steam sterilised
  • Compact Notebook layout, with Numpad, Size: 373mm W x 138mm D x 23mm H
  • With optional VESA mounting holes at the bottom, to fit medical carts easily
  • Legends are printed on the silicon skin with strong silicon coating to enhance the legend durability while maintaining the tactile feeling of the keys.
  • USB connector cover as optional part
  • Size 372mm W x 138mm D x 23mm H
  • Colour: White
  • Available in Black (CH8959)

Ways to sanitise the keyboard:

  • Press the unique Clean button (patent pending) to switch off the keyboard from the host, allow easy spray and wipe without turning off the host or unplugging the keyboard cable from the host.
  • For IP68 version, the whole keyboard can be put into the steam sterilisation chamber for cleaning
Size (mm):372 W x 138 D x 23 H