CODE: CR1487-3

One Way Slide Tube 500mm X 450mm


-OneWaySlide is a sliding mat with many functions.

-The main one improves sitting positions in chairs or wheelchairs.

-The sliding mat effectively retards forward movement yet slides backwards, making it easy for the carer to help the user move into a more comfortable position in the chair.

-It is simply a case of grabbing the handles and pulling - without great use of force.

-OneWaySlide is also available in a tube-shaped design without handles for the more active user.

-OneWaySlide is made of polyester, polyethylene and our own unique sliding material ULF (Ultra Low Friction.

- The soft, padded surface is very comfortable to sit on.

- The ULF sliding material under the buttocks makes it easy to pull the user backwards.

- A non-slide area prevents the user from sliding forward.

 -Robust handles mean that carers need not physically pull users.

- Straps for attachment to wheelchairs.