CODE: CR7006-18x16

Roho Cushion AirLITE 18x16 with HD Cover

The AirLITE Cushion improves the ability to transfer by lowering the front and middle of the cushion 3/4 inch (20 mm), while keeping its strong positioning capability by deepening the leg troughs. The lower height also contributes to a greater feeling of security in the chair.

“Bottom-Out” Protection

The non-adjustable ROHO AIR FLOATATION air insert built into the cushion under the ischia has been enhanced to provide better bottom-out protection.

Softer Foam

Softer foam allows the cushion to conform to the individual’s physiology and provide a more comfortable seating surface.

Durability and Simplicity

The 24-month warranty shows our confidence in the quality and durability of the product. The AirLITE is an off the shelf, ready to use product. No adjustment is required.

Heavy Duty Cover

The cover design, with full zipper coverage, provides enhanced fluid resistance to protect the foam. At the same time, the cover is 100% PVC free, reinforcing ROHO’s commitment to more environmentally friendly products.

Based on clinical, scientific or engineering evidence, this product may be suitable for individuals who:

  • Are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown.
  • Have normal sensation.
  • Require increased stability.
  • Require lower extremity alignment.
  • Need a lightweight, non-adjustable seating system.
  • Require a more stable environment for transfers.
Number of cells:Not Applicable
Dimensions (mm):460 W x 410 L x 95 H
  • Contoured polyurethane foam; polyethylene base
  • Sealed air insert: Non-adjustable, segmented, ROHO AIR FLOATATION insert made of polyurethane
  • AirLITE cushion
  • Cover
  • Operating instructions
  • Product registration card
  • The AirLITE must be used with the supplied cover.
  • The cushion must be properly sized to the individual.
Weight (kg):1.0 (2.25 lbs, weight varies by size)
SWL (kg):136 (300 lbs)