CODE: CH7400

Linet Eleganza 4 ICU Bed

Eleganza 4 is an electrically positionable bed – designed especially for Critical Care settings. The bed platform gives flexible and customised solutions to keep all care activities and all special patient needs together with an open architecture of different technical features. Choose the right bed for each care and medical application, patient conditions and budget.

Benefits at a glance

Upper body focus

Integrated controls in upper siderails, caregiver has direct access to bed functions and adjustment options.

Free-hands strategy

Bed height adjustment and special examination position set by foot control. Nurse hands are free to care or handle patients.

One-button philosophy

Control board easy to access and manage. Most position and emergency functions at the touch of a button.

Improved Patient Comfort and Safety

  • Cardiac Chair

    Helps patients suffering from respiratory disorders and assists cardiovascular system functions. Comfort for patients when reading and eating.

  • Patient Independence

    Immediate access to controls for basic bed positioning. Integrated siderail controls and separate patient control can be suspended on the siderails.

  • Integrated Scales

    Measure patient's current weight, performed comfortably without stress for both - patient and nursing staff - and additional risks of patient movement.

  • X-ray

    With X-ray transparent mattress platform and special bed construction, lung X-rays can be taken without physically handling patients.

  • i-Drive Power

    Integrated, motorised 5th castor and patient transport system minimises staff assistance in pushing the bed, decreases risks of in bed patient transport.

Improved Patient Safety

  • i-Brake

    Automatic brake prevents falls, especially during bed exit.

  • Bed Exit Alarm

    System monitors patient movement on the bed and bed exit. Two modes set depending on patient demand and mobility.

  • Siderails Concept and Height

    Optimises special patient needs like usage of different passive and active mattress systems or fall prevention.

  • Night light

    Better patient orientation at night and provides a feeling of safety.

  • 30° and 45° stop

    Backrest stops automatically at a tilt of 30 and 45 degrees.

  • Safestop

    Bed stops automatically when moving to the lowest position.

  • EMR ready

    The Eleganza 4 is technologically equipped to send out data to the hospital information system.

Improved Wound Management

  • The mattresses

    Wide range of the passive, hybrid and active mattress portfolio supports individual patient needs regarding ulcer prevention and therapy. Innovative technologies support a better outcome at the point of care with evidence-based recommendations.

External dimensions (mm):2175 L x 1000 W
Bed extension (mm):220
Bed height (Hi-Lo Adjustment) (mm):410 – 790
SWL (kg):250
Backrest angle:65°
Maximum thigh rest angle:25°
TR/ATR angle:14°/14°